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Wave of Gratitude Nature Art

October 24th, 2016

Wave of Gratitude Nature Art

Have you ever felt a pure wave of gratitude for being where you are in that particular moment. Deep within your heart it is the joy of being alive everything around you feels it too♥

Golden Hour Sunrise

March 10th, 2016

The darkness had shifted as the storm blew past and the fog shimmered across the hazy waters. The sun struggled between the rain strewn clouds trying desperately to break through the atmosphere to shine it's golden rays to announce the new day. The wind lifted the fog down river and at that moment the sun rose above the trees like a beacon dramatically shining it's light against the dark sky. Golden reflections shimmered like liquid gold in the Delaware river as the sun made it's journey higher into the sky.
2016 Robyn L. King

Foggy Sunrise At The Delaware River

March 7th, 2016

The rain has stopped and a new day is emerging on the Delaware River. Through the shifting haze of golden hues the fog glides apart making way for a beautiful new day to surface across the cleansed waters. There is a hush of stillness in the air and the dawn is a welcomed sight as the sky grows more and more brilliant with every passing minute. I squint as the fog shifts and the light grows brighter glowing between the thinning strands of rolling gray and white clouds. The ripples in the water glow golden like the sweetest honey on a summers day, transporting my mind far away from the cold winter's temperatures that surround me. I wasn't cold at all standing there, watching the sun bloom,it had warmed me. It felt so good to be right here in this serene place I stood still holding onto the moment just a little while longer not yet wanting it to past.
Robyn L. King