Robyn King


Bensalem, PA


Evoke a feeling or emotion.. To look upon and get lost in it’s depths.. A feeling of inner peace for the viewer.. Always to learn new ways to see something old..These are the things I hold in the highest regard. I find intrigue in so many things in nature. There is such a peace there that I enjoy conveying through my art. Focusing on the blessings I feel as each new day is set before me is truly a gift each and every time. I enjoy catching the start of things and am drawn to sunrises.. a repeating theme within my artwork, a fresh beginning, the birth of a brand new day. I have always felt a deep connection with nature and this feeling has grown extensively. Today it is my favorite place to be whenever I can. Currently I am working on eleven different series that include my paintings,digital paintings,digital art,and photography. Some of these artworks are accompanied by my personal poetry or creative writing. I am very honored to announce that thirty-two of my artworks will be featured and on display from May 2nd to May 27th at Palmyra Cove Nature Reserve in Palmyra New Jersey. The opening for the show is on May 14th from 1:00-3:00. The artworks will be displayed from May 2nd- May 27th.
Several of my artworks in my galleries have had the honor of being featured through and included in their shows for aspiring artists during Creative Risings,Scope Miami Art Show,and the Take Over Projection
Show at Times Square. Thank you very much for stopping by my galleries today and have a beautiful day:-)
Warm Wishes,Robyn

Learn more about my artwork at the following places:
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St Thomas at Dawn by Robyn King


The City That Never Sleeps by Robyn King


Today Tomorrow and Always by Robyn King


When The Sun Kissed The Sky by Robyn King


I Can Touch The Sky by Robyn King


Let It Shine by Robyn King


When Rainbows Sleep by Robyn King


My Heavens You Are So Beautiful by Robyn King


Dreaming Of A Thing Called Love by Robyn King


Catching Rays by Robyn King


Ocean Blue Digital Painting by Robyn King


Just Sitting And Watching The World Go By by Robyn King


When A Star Is Born by Robyn King


Life Path by Robyn King


The Edge of Forever by Robyn King


Journey With An Open Heart by Robyn King


Heart To Heart by Robyn King


Two Hearts Beat As One by Robyn King


Waiting For The Sun by Robyn King


Loves Passion by Robyn King


Pink Lady by Robyn King


Arms Wide Open by Robyn King


My Heart Is Unwritten by Robyn King


At The Edge Of Night by Robyn King


Where Rainbows Begin by Robyn King


I Love New York Sunset Digital Painting by Robyn King


Golden Opportunity by Robyn King


Come Fly With Me by Robyn King


Colors Everywhere She's Like A Rainbow by Robyn King


Zen Reflections Meditation Art by Robyn King


Golden Dreams by Robyn King


Reflections Meditation Art II by Robyn King


Just The Two Of Us - Jersey Shore Series by Robyn King


Ocean Sunrise Serenity Prayer by Robyn King


White Egret At Sunrise - Barnegat Bay NJ by Robyn King


Autumn Reflections Meditation Art by Robyn King


Ocean Sunrise Meditation Art by Robyn King


Autumn Breeze Nature Art by Robyn King


Wave of Gratitude Nature Art by Robyn King


P.S. I Love You Nature Art by Robyn King


Witch Hazel Nature Art by Robyn King


Endless Love by Robyn King


Walking On Sunshine by Robyn King


Follow Your Heart Inspirational Art by Robyn King


Peaceful Sunrise - Sea Isle N.J. by Robyn King


Positive Vibrations Meditation Art by Robyn King


Reflections of a Peaceful Heart Meditation Art by Robyn King


Feng Shui Meditation Art by Robyn King